June 2017
Eric Newbury
Get organized and never miss out on getting into a class again. Classify keeps tabs on the enrollment status of all your favorite classes so you don't have to.


USADanceVT Platform

November 2016
USA Dance Green Mountain Chapter
Developed a web platform to help them coordinate their many instructors and organizations as well as automate the emailing process for the community newsletter.


Task Batching

February 2017
Centralized way to report out all the asynchronous tasks for a given job are completed.  


Facebook Lead Ad Integration

December 2016
Built facebook lead ads into our platform to take advantage of all our automated internal tooling.


Maxwell Database Triggers

December 2016
Implemented a java based solution to database triggers.  We used a library called Maxwell which is designed to read the binary replication logs of a database, and produce generic application readable JSON.



November 2016
Lightweight crawler which takes as input details about the page we want to find, such as "new honda civic", or "service and parts", and determines the best matching url.


vAuto Integration

September 2016
Using data from vAuto, built the ability for the ad text to be customized based on the market value of a car.

January 2014
New Breed Marketing
App that would allow admins to build a series of "calculators," allowing SaaS companies to put in their metrics, and view calculations of their success, mapped against average trends in the SaaS industry.